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Lost Without You - lyrics

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Thrown in back like a burlap sack
And Lord, does my butt hurt
Guess it's been days or weeks or months
Or something worse
Everything looks the same
When you're starring at nothing but dirt
And all I hear are the wheels buckling
Large men yelling, sounds like pouting
I really miss the more familiar sound - Mum
Cause I am lo-ost without you
It's been a long, long time
Every time I look around me
I pray you're at my side
On the trail
Kept the journal of all the spots
We passed just for you, Dad
The big blue mountains are actually grey
They look tired and really sad
There's no soda in Soda Springs
The water's way too hot
Fort Hall's just great big wall
And we didn't even stop
Now I am lo-ost without you
Sometimes I barely breathe
If I ever don't think of you
It's because I can't believe
That I am on the trail without you
With miles and miles to go
Send me a sign that you're okay
The telegram or note
From the trail
I won't stop 'till I find you again
Even if you're a pile of ash
I'll find an east bound caravan
And crank up its pace to fast
You won't notice I've been gone at all
You'll say: "Mouthface, where you been?"
I want you to know that
There's not a moment
That goes by without
The thought of you
I won't be lo-ost without you
'Cause you'll be that at my side
You and Dad real close together
With my brother on my right
I won't be lost without you
I'll see your shining faces
Even if it's through a stone
I'll write something really nice for you
That remainds me of home
On the trail

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