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My mind is racing, but my heart, it beats faster.
I'm in control, commander and master.
Lady Fate, creating disaster--
but she ain't the boss of me!
A head-on collision with a catastrophic setback
makes you either wanna get lost, or get back.
I choose the latter; let's not forget that
we hold the cards this time,
so there's no need to bitch or whine!
There's no way
I'm gonna take another option,
no way I am gonna settle with a loss!
No way I'm gonna sit around and watch,
there's no, no way...
There's no way
you're gonna find me in the background,
no damn way you gonna see me satisfied!
No way they're ever gonna make me back down,
no, no way...
There's no way!
Home field advantage,
the upper hand is ours,
so the game is on!
The clock ticks,
but we've got our tricks
to fuss with and fix what wrong!
Let's wake up and go, guys,
take out the bad guys,
break out your mad eyes

We'll take it on together,
we're stronger and we're better
and if there's a problem
There's no way
we're gonna leave it up to chance,
there's no damn way we're gonna go without a fight!
No way you gonna see us on on our ass,
There's no, no way...
There's no way
we're gonna settle with sorrow,
leave right now if you think this ain't real!
Today, not waitin' for tomorrow!
No, no way there's no way,
no, no way there's no way,
no, no way there's no way,

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