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We're travelling
Down a bumpy road
Just relaxing
Let the miles unfold
Nothing bring a family together like some dust in the eye
And we'll be there in the nick of time
Me and my family
We're smiling
At a steady pace
Your daughter's crying
Missouri's such a beautiful state
And it feels like everyday is another Fourth of July
I got my freedom and my slice of pie
My beautiful family
Come on kids, it's time that we play a game
I spot some fun out here on the Great Plains
Stop for a second, take it all in
"Are we there yet?" is the wrong question
Long road trips are lame
But they all ain't the same
It's the grind
Take it one day at a time
And we'll find our way back home
Free your mind
Put your worries down the line
And we'll ease on down the road - Yes sir
Stop and look around, do the Chimney Rock
Oh dad, that totally looks like a giant cock
I wish there was something that could catch this moment
Something that fits right into your pocket
We got time to kick the idea around
Oh boy, it's the grind
Every bump by design
To grow some hair on your chest
Fall in line
Let your dad read the sign
Whose your daddy to get company of the Wild Wild West?
I'm trying
to enjoy the trip
I'm babysitting
But not my kids
Sometimes I wonder what the hell goes on in his head
Couldn't notice if anyone of us wound up dead
Who'm I kidding? Lord knows he'd kill himself instead
Can't say I'd tell a difference in bed
My beautiful family
Dad I wanna keep this as a pet!
Need a few souveniers before we past the test
If you're motion sick then get off the party
Give the soles of your feet a shot
Nothing quite kills your ills like a song and dance
It's the grind, yeah
Everyone say "Yeah" - Yeah
Say "Yeah" - Yeah
Say "Yeah" - Yeah
Say "Yeaaaaaah"
It's the grind, yeah oh!

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