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Wagon Is on Fire - lyrics

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When the going gets tough
And you're smoking a cigarette
Not for a taste of it
The madness, it grows like a flame
Through his soul and it's time
For some payback
Conditions are right
The kindle is dry
It's a labor of chemistry
Just a tiny spark
Send the light through the dark
And the devil's unleashed
Hell is your destiny
Your wagon is on fire!
Your wagon is aflame
Your wagon is on fire
It'll never be the same
Now is the next part of the plan
Grab the girl and let's get going
The tall one with the ugly dress?
That's my future wife! Show some respect
But this is all fucked, I thought it would be clean
How could it been when we're burning families?
Grab or bag her, anyway you want
I'm too busy saying "What's going on?"
And life as you know it is changing
Desperate times call for measures (Mr. McDoon)
Wedding bells, they are clanging (The Bandite King)
Another one's ash in my treasure
Your wagon is on fire! (When did this get serious?)
(When my world's at stake) Your journey is a sham
You should've paid attention, Dad - There are lives to save
And all that you desire (Why aren't you furious?)
(We're not far behind) You're back where you began
It's all just part of the grind
We'll take it one day at a time
And we'll find our way back home
Are we gone to Oregon?
Oregon! -Regon!
When you got mud on your dick!

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