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Lost words of forgiveness - lyrics

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Same old thing again
Wrong the words spoken carelessly
There are consequences here
Let's open our eyes, dare to see
Harsh and deep, it's cutting through
Red hot ows clouding reason
Void like a dark hole
Encasing our hearts
Luring in shadows
They keep floating by
I don't wanna
See an old crack
Go unmended
Drive our worlds apart
Sometimes forgiveness
Does not come so cheap
Blood of the fathers
Takes ages to heal
I don't wanna
See an old wrong
Rise and strike
In the face of hurt I say no
No, you shall not grow
You deprive the world of growth
Our task is to speak all the good
To redeem our faults
Repair the fractures bleeding
I don't wanna
See an old rage
Be let out
Explode in war
Drowned hopes
Lost words
Heal or fall

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