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Soul Survivor - lyrics

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I need my freedom
And that's a fact
She said : "Give it up now,
Or don't bother coming back
Do ya, do ya, do ya understand ?"
She was the only woman
Who hurt me, made me feel bad
Makin' her happy was all that I had
And all I ever, I ever
I ever really wanted

My soul survivor
Without you, what do I have left
My soul survivor
Cannot make it by myself
My soul survivor
Do you hear my cry
My soul survivor
I will love you till the day I die

She would tell me I'm a fool
That I don't give a damn
And though half of that was true
She just didn't understand
What I, what I, what I really needed
Well she left me with some heavy loads
Stood me on some crossroads
May be I'm a better man
I gotta know who I am
Do ya, do ya, do ya understand ?

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