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Audience of Evidence - lyrics


"Bring him over here!"
"All right, give another one."

Tears of a broken spirit
Wounds scarred by flesh
Fear of the fallen sacrifice
Simplify your warped imagination
and fly within the wind,
and grasp onto the tree of life

[CHORUS] Justified by faith in Christ
He lifts your spirit up to the highest high
as you walk in the way of the light

Before the thunder speaks a thousand tales
The rain reveals to you better days
And as the sky begins to crumble,
you wonder what is going on

As He waits for the world to end
That's when we'll see Him return
That's when the Lord will break
from the sky into your heart

"We have freedom now, because Christ has made us free. So stand firm. Do not change and go back into slavery." (Galatians 5:1)

Keep your freedom!

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Tears to Dust