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Damascus - lyrics


Fire in the horizon
When will people listen to what the Lord has to say?
Sometimes this world will open their eyes,
but it's never too late to learn from our past mistakes

[CHORUS] The fire from His storm is surrounding me
As I wanted to know
Too many times I have said that I would learn
the ancient scriptures of His Word

Do you remember when you hurt inside?
As the anger flowed slowly, losing your mind
There is no hurt in God, you see
Just hurt that you're not within Him
To gain in His holy love
To gain His righteousness
To gain new life

Of His Word - His Word

Fallen from the highest plateau of love as we know it
Imagining the worst to be that guttural moment
And fearing the loneliness that becomes your only friend
And finding the strength for love wounds to mend
To mend, yeah
Once lost love, now found hope
Once lost hope, now found God

A broken heart that holds the pain as memories fade
The past lies in yesterday, where old promises were made
A promise for lasting love - a love she did not return
The lost love can now be found in Jesus, as we learn

Lyrics was added by paja65

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