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Positive Mind Control - lyrics


Did God almighty create such a place
For all normal human life to remain
If we stick by the book our life will be obtained
Soule & mind are not the same thing
But life in general
Doesn't care
For i will go, protect my soul
I will go the right way

Before your time
I hope you choose the way
Stop and think again
I sahll not fall the evil way

Did God almighty create such a place?
Or are you to blind to see?
Smash your fist on the floor
And start changing your way of being
In event of Lore make sure
That you don't cross the path

Belief in God is right, but don't step out of the light

*"Behind a facade of apparently harmless themes, such as healthy eating and fitness, they usually include the following practices, which are nothing more then Eastern occult techniques: meditation - yoga and relaxation therapies - hypnosis - physic healing - visualisation and positive thinking. The latter two are based on on the assumption that the mind through suggestion can accomplish and create anything that it belives it can. Positive thinking, in particular, is used often in combination with bible verses and referred as faith, in spite of its unbiblical premise that the "Primary force" of every person is good"

*Quoted from "New age from a Biblical Viewpoint" by M. Basilea Schlink.

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