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When Walls Will Fall - lyrics

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The vessels of our lifes navigate through storms and tides
On with winds of hope till they break
and sink to depths below
Fear not what you'll find
Keep your faith, don't lose your mind
Soon before you know you will wake up
on the crystal shore
Flames rise all around as I return
Sreams of dying men as triremes burn
Thousands of arrows came down from the sky
our forces were trapped in defeat
In this inferno our only chance is to retreat
Ride fast on the winds back to the realm
Why have we been sent to witness this hell?
Visions proclaiming a threat from the Gods
All of Atlantis will die
Annihilation is nye
As we see the smoke arise in the sky
visions of death cross my thoughts
All the brothers that were lost in the night
fell to the rage of the Gods
Running to the temple to speak to the elders I have to find a way to persuade them to rearrange the ancient rite and save us from the tide
Suddenly the night sky is breaking as stars collide
From the blackened ocean
the Squidlords of Judgement ride
over the third wave towards the iron gate
From the outer circle the wall guards have sounded alarm
When the seventh wave came, so mighty it
broke the dam and waters breaking in now
People take your children, take your wife
give up your homes, run for your life
as the storm rages on
In the end when walls will fall and darkness takes us all
far from the light into the night
stand side by side we shall unite until we sail again
On the other side of life where memories survive
in vortex of time, forces divine
What will we find when we have crossed the sea of time?
Falling down into the endless seas
I feel the force of life escape my mortal shell
and about to bid my last farewell
my only hope's one day they'll tell my
tales of the end, leave this world behind
Time to descend to where all the paths unite and
I shall arise from this misery
Tight in a dream on my quest to cross the sea of time

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