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Bounce Back - lyrics

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buckshots to ya back to send ya ass to heaven
i’m packin mac elevens just in case u get to testin
somebody grab this microphone before i molest it
im pullin up in a limousine tinted
with a gang of bad bitches
stayin saucey like ya momma chicken
shut up n listen to my mission
im tryna take my ass out
and make all these other rappers kiss it
don't give a fuck about no ass or whores man
im robbin liquor stores for smores and arizona cans
so hit the deck cuz i lost my mind again
the sickest citizen spittin verbal carcinogens
its terror reid be on the scene
rip ya spleen like fabric black ops tactics
u want the smoke well u can have it
the most important asset im fuckin fantastic
ill go to ya funeral and squeeze the nina in the casket
everybody in the shack back to front front to back
lift ya hands like that and bounce back
everybody in the place throw ya hands to space
rock ya head back n forth and make dat stank face
to all my ladies in the front start shakin ya butt
raise ya blunts to the sun and get spun
and all my fellas back there put ya drink in the air
and bounce back like u just don’t care
but wait a second why yo girl still obsessin?
u stuck first base and i’m out here stealin second
check the method
wen i’m on the mic it ain’t pleasant
you say that shit again and ima hunt u like a pheasant
she bust it wide open then i tell her bring it back like ill will
i still kill when i’m ill off a pill
she climb my dick like jill and make that pussy spill
i ain’t tryna to chill, i came to kill
i do what i want how i want and when i want it
ill teach ya ass a lesson like i’m hooked on phonics
im wreckin shit like a derby u cant hurt me
and u know i leave ya hoe babbling like a furby
i draw steel make that shit stank like raw veal
u only want a bite but u gon get the whole meal
talk is cheap that’s why i charge a milli on a beat
and make it out to reid you keep the receipt

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