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Krylon feat. Eliozie - lyrics

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[Verse 1: Eliozie & Terror Reid]
Take a step back, get busy moving behind me
Way too high of altitude for you to even find me
You tiny, I smack your little heinie
You slimy, fuck-nut
There ain't a word in this world that define me
What's up? We got a runner, a roadrunner
Load the chopper gunner, take him out inside his own hummer
Misuse drugs daily, become a recluse
Get loose, I guess that's always a excuse
Magnificent sophisticated rhythm
I define overdrive, go check the definition
Make a precise incision and proceed with decisions
To kill 'em (kill 'em all) position with that over ambitious condition
This is how I do all of my operations
I'm never doing anything in moderation
And I never give anybody cooperation
Nope, never, not once, not even on occasion
[Verse 2: Terror Reid]
I got these sucker MC's wrapped around my finger like some rings
Now bow the fuck down to The King
Don't be playin' with the West Coast Super Saiyan
I hear you talk a lot of shit, but ain't shit until you get to sprayin'
Stay payin' all my bills, poppin' on my pills
Robbing all the banks with my GTA-skills
What's the beat, kid? This shit a banger
Tanqueray up in my cup, I ain't a singer
In love with the money bags
Motherfuckers spitting out shit like my white ass
Rolling fast down your block in a ski mask
Looking for a dollar sign?
Where the weeds at? Huh bitch I've seen that
I'm a sticky icky nitpicky, tickin' time bomb
Swear on my mom's, yo, my shit is beyond
Givin' you a cold shoulder to cry on
I'm in the corner with a cap on, spraying Krylon
[Verse 3 : Eliozie]
Infect your mind with my intellect, no indirect
Attackin' I be on my best
And then I'm always everyday to keep the world upset
I'm living [?] your head till you snap your neck
Lay low for a second then I come back up
And act up on you cunts then I ash my blunt
Inside the eyes I can shoot rockets that can't be blocked
And every year wanted a bottle where I can't be stopped
The radius is infinite so if you think that you can hide
You better go find another shelter to go inside
Different planets to inhabit cause we can not coincide
On this one, I don't have a fuck to give, son
Let the beat drop to keep on my feet hot
Say one wrong word, you getting your teeth knocked out
Got you on the verge of death begging me, please stop (please stop)
But I never stop shit, just sippin' my tea pot
[Verse 4 : Terror Reid]
Murdered a beat and drop it off on your front porch
And that's the real reason why your parents got divorced (fuck you Jared)
Done more coke in my day than Scott Storch
The human torch, put me out and throw me overboard
Dooby lit, dually cocked, machete in my sock
Duly noted but I knew you was cop
And that shit ain't gon' fly
I'm a Smoked Out, Loced Out
Sword swinging kinda guy
And I'm tryna die
Get outta line, son, and stay there
I pull up with more snow than a Coca-Cola polar bear
Stayin' dope, I poke a lot of smot
In the parkin' lot, taking up three handicapped spots
Grab the cash up out my palace
Sippin' on Dom Pérignon out my chalice
Trippin' like Alice, straight malice
Throwing off your balance
Bustin' rap so fast, I give your fat ass a callus

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