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Say no mo' - lyrics

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I don't know dude, fucking
Ship it, ship it dawg
Ain't got time for that shit, let's go
Uh, ooh, once again
My shit's low (Fuck you say?)
Turn me up, turn it up
Reid in the cut
Yo, uh
They don't be calling me Terror for nothing
I'm always up to something
I'm bumping lines in a four door, slumpin'
Dunkin' on punks who try to throw me off
Try to show me off
Acting like we tight
They wanna jack me off
But here's the thing
I make it loud until they ears ring
This rap game yang so I must be the ying
Grab my thingy-thing
Pass it to the left and now we giggling
Toes tingling, I'll start mingling
Off top like mysterio
Really lyrical
Terribly hysterical
I make 'em soggy like some cereal
Here we go bitch, crack it open
I rollin' up a doobie, hockin' loogies while I'm smokin'
Yo I think yo' thing broken
Toss her off a ledge and watch her head pop open
I keep it raw, like my shorty ass when I smack it
I never practice, hand me a mic and I'll attack it
Samurai moves that make your neck turn elastic
I jack the keys to your hatchback and crash it
Dustin' off my tee like you'll never believe
I be stickin' words together like sap from a tree
You think you clever on the mic bitch?
Say no mo'
My shit is boss when I'm spittin' it
Say no mo'
Throw your hands, I'll throw mine
Catch you frontin' for the last time
I'ma blast yo' ass into the past time
You got a man that need a chin check?
Say no mo'
Light 'em up like a cigarette
Say no mo'
I got the ice and the gold
The cash flow and the clothes
But it still ain't enough
Yo I need some mo'
Uh, yo
Well, how it be, what it do?
Yeah fool, I'm looking at you
I been in it for a minute
Can't limit what I do
So what's the deal?
Disintegrating mics is my skill
I'm off a couple pills
I just can't stay still
For real
And while I'm at it
Lemme grab the cash out da regi
My wordplay heavy
And my trunk stay Chevy
My mind constantly making nonsense
Processing what I want
It's Reid in the gauntlet
The best yet, I dress wet
No necklace, I'm blessed with
A style that's straight reckless
Punk say it with your chest
You know I'm next
And you can keep your bloody check
'Cause I do what I can
To stack ricotta
Bust yo' medulla oblongata
Underground warlord jumping out the choppa
I never stoppa
It only take one shot to make your head poppa
I got the
Jumbo prawns, the brains and the brawns
Rest in peace Big L yo
I gotta put it on
Like I said before yo
My shit go
Like wheels on the track
Ya ain't even know
Say no mo'

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