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Soured Memory - lyrics

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Atrocity could never end
Since the lust for feeling pain
Was the strongest wish
We wanted to own.
Will this be over someday?
The questions travel
To an ending pond of doubts,
Once filled in with anguish.
You will never guess
How many times have I tried
To pull you inside
And distrust denied me to pleasure.
Now that the ring is broken,
Nothing can bind us
To a shared eternity.
You could mind frozen the paper
Of this testimony.
The words remain meaningless
Towards the strenght of your punch
On my breast.
Could I ever forget?
Will I ever forgive?
The sins are long gone
But the sour taste in on my lips.
Nothing is remembered
And I set my teeth
So desire moves on to other hands.
Experience the cains that hold me,
Die as I lay my eyes upon your cry.

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