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The Journeys Shiver - lyrics

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In the wings of a breeze that blows fervent and gelid, I journey in a sudden impulse among the cerebral veins of a discouraged dream. During a temporal existence, I crossed a labyrinthine abyss of illusions, which has brought me no more than consecutive, spiritual departures.
I have tried thousands of times to strangle this inner shiver, but the desire to possess the madness whispered by the breeze has never abandoned me. I will eternally be part of a glazed tile painted by my bare hands and carefully inlayed by my longing. And nothing nor no one will steal from me the will to tear your destiny.
Whenever the appeal of the land is heard, I will bear in mind the origin of my being and allow the tumult of a long postponed thought to drag me. I reborn during the journey that I started and I will never return to a world of mundane passions.

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