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Missy got off the bus one day in a crowded depot, downtown LA
She looked around as if to say, "I'm home
Well I'm home"
"I'll find someone to love
And some place to drink
And some time when I can just sit and think
And I don't mind if I catch the stink of these drones
Lord, of these drones
Just as long as I'm never alone"
She had eyes as big as porcelain plates
And skin as thin as paper drapes
And she loved the Lord the way an apostate loves psalms
And she'd sing to him before she went to sleep,
"I pray to you, my soul to keep
If you're a shepherd, then I'll be your sheep until dawn
Oh until dawn
Well I'd follow you, even if it was wrong"
I met her one night at the coffee shop
Her face so bright, my heart just stopped
"Hello my dear, I fear I'm not what I seem
I'm not what I seem
I should've become a better man
I should be more deserving than
The beggar, thief, and courtesan I've been
Oh, that I've been
Well I swear, I lie, I curse all of my dreams"
"But I swear there's still some good in me
And I think if you stuck around you'd see
All the honest attempts at integrity I once had"
"Maybe you could help me to get it right:
Why I stay awake almost every night
Staring at the ceiling, wondering why I feel so bad
Why I feel so bad"
Oh I swear, I swear, I swear I'll never get sad

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