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Nightmare City - lyrics

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in the methedrine city
everybody's losing their heads
waltzing with the devil
dancing with the dead
the rich kids are zombies
they wander around
lobotomy morons
in the last and found
it's a fluorescent nightmare
where night is day
throwing beer cans in the storm drain
watching them float away
the sister of darkness
is doing quite well
she kisses the winos
and sends them to hell
the boys in the alley
they heat up the spoon
they sway with their sorrows
they howl at the moon
it's a nightmare city
in a nightmare world
you think that it's over
but it's hardly begun
the whore with the sallor
she's the angel of doom
her pimp is going to cut him
up in her room
Jesus is a t.v. junkie
his eyes are so red
he loves to watch television
to anesthetize his head

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Nightmare City