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I'll strike you mad without a reason
And I'll drive you crazy if you've got the keys
My fine tuning needs a little easing
'Cause now my brain's caught a fever
And cuts a little deeper it seems

You've got your issues, now you've got one more
I'll bring the habit through the door

So, you can call me crazy
I'm much more but I'm anything from insecure
So, if you see me break my fall
'Cause you just never know

And when you think that I am sleeping
I'm simply lost inside my dreams
You waste your time, I try to find a meaning
When in your mind there's everything you need

So, you can go throw out one more
I'll break the habit through the door

You're thinking that I'm faking
I noticed and your head's still shaking
Don't panic 'cause I never aim to be the same

(You're crazy insecure)

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