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Complicated - lyrics

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Fuck your pain away
It’s what you had to do
To fall on through to emotion
Fuck your pain away
You slipped on through
I felt in you the commotion
Hey I wanna go home
Don’t wanna be here alone
Yeah, I really can’t stay
Oh I really ought to go
No, I really can’t stay
Oh this pain in my head
No, it won’t go away
Oh I really ought to go
Got to find my own way
But this fear and this dread
Says that I must obey AHHH….
Fuck your pain away
I saw in you, I fell on through
To devotion
So if you say you wanna stay the night, then feel free
Or if you say wanna take the flight to feel me
But if you change your mind and go away
Then come what may
But know that I’ll be by your side

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