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[Verse 1]
My thick tongue hangs down low to the ground
Licking up the sweat coming off of her heels
She wants my teeth to wear, she wants
My hell to bear
Well Missy it's a lock for load
If you wanna grind hips don't do it alone
Don't save no dance no not for me
Just cut me out
You crept up like a disease
Looking like a girl who was trying to be saved
Your heart was trying to bleed
You're taking the road if you're talking to me
[Verse 2]
Well you thought you'd tear my skin from bone
Just cause it was cold and you needed a coat
Don't tease me just start digging the hole
Start digging, OH
You're getting so sleepy tonight
When you want to go home but you don't have a ride
No time, just taste, won't touch for free
My salt, your sweet
And you were there
And I was every question that
Never had an answer
I see right through you
We never even noticed that
There always was a reason
That we were never meant to be left alone
[Verse 1 repeated]
This feels like never-ending(x4)
This feels like never-ending(x4)

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