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The Song Of A Hundred Toads - lyrics

On my way out to the gold mines
Crossing the western hills
Me and my little dog, Clyde
And a horse named Prancing Bill
I slept under the stars
I heard the coyotes sing
And the sun was a golden coin
Shining just for me
(The sun shone just for me)
But high up in the mountains
Bill began to foam
And I was whipped and tugged him
He bucked against his load
Round a hairpin turn
The wagon tumbled o'er
And down the jagged rock
Bill fell with all I own
(He fell with all I own)
As the sun died out
The coyotes began to pout
Little Clyde's head rose
And answered with a growl
But when I bent to call him
He snapped at me and ran
And then I was alone
In the silent rocks and sand
(The silent rocks and sand)
By my fifth day of walking
I was crawling on my knees
Eating handful of dust
From between the dying weeds
I lay down in the dirt
As the sun lost her glow
But I was welcomed in the dark
By the song of a hundred toads
(The song of a hundred toads)
(The song of a hundred toads)
(The song of a hundred toads)

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