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Godless Girl's Fun - lyrics

Ref.: Cause I lost my control
They all say my soul
Is rotten and bust.
But for me it was lust
I'm a maniac, lonley maniac
In the midnight sun
Some godless girl fun
Dismantle my crown of oblivion, hon'
I'm a maniac, lonley maniac

I close my eyes
I can't hear any sound
But I feel in my bones
So many souls who spin me around
Well, I don't turn away
Cause I know them by name
Each of them held my hand
Until their very end
Yeah, we fought side by side
Every day every night!
Why should I let you forget you and me?

All of my shades
Loomed once in my heart for seconds or years.
Now I'm standing next to your grave
And wonder why you thought
That I'm not the one
My burning desire
Just gave me the fire
To show what I want, where I wanna go, what I wanna be
Your first thought of a smile, last word when you died:
Heaven and Hell
Lovely kitten and beast

Yeah it was kinda fun
To take my vengeful gun
And threaten you till you cry
„Babe, don't do that to me!"
When I knot the rope for you
And sharp my cat-claws too
I'll keep the memories of shattered you
So here I stay with one last question:
As your last breath,
As your last heart beat,
As your last thought on this world,
As your very last word of your wretched life
Am I not special enough?

I take a sip of my rum
And let it run 'round my tongue
Your frozen eyes spreadin'
My name to everyone.
Killing someone is just hard as long as it's undone.
The truth is: The mad one sits on the throne...

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