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I Need To Be Loved - lyrics


Well, I'm hungry for lovin',
But I just can't get me none
I tried and I tried,
But I can't find anyone

Won't somebody tell me what the reason can be,
Why no girl wants to give her love to me?
Everybody needs something, and I need to be loved.
Now, most people have it,
And they get it all the time
But I do without it, tell me why can't love be mine?

I tried for so long,
But it's so hard to find
A lover to help me,
It's breakin' my mind

Everybody needs something, and I need to be loved
Well, I spend my time lost and lonely,
Everyday and all night
I don't know how long I can go on,
And I know is it ain't right

Well now, can't find that certain someone,
And I just don't understand
I know out there, there's a girl somewhere,
For such a lonely man
I'll come home this evening
Just like all the nights before,
And I'll be alone
When I walk through my front door
And I'll go to bed 'round a quarter to two,
And I will start cryin' like I always do

Everybody needs something and I need to be loved
Whoa, I need to be loved
Yeah, I need to be loved

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