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Joined at the Heart - lyrics


I sail through this ocean of love
I see the storm clouds above
Will we survive till tomorrow?

You took all the hurt I could give
You wanted our love to live
But all that I gave you was sorrow

There was a time when you and I were one
We had it all from the start
Now it's cryin' all night
And our love's on the run
All of our dreams torn apart

Joined at the heart, please understand
Joined at the heart since it began
Joined at the heart, someday you'll see
We'll always be joined at the heart

I sit on this island alone
Until now I've never known
The line between love and hate

You can tell me the right words to say
To bring back what I threw away
How long will you keep me waiting?

There was a time when you and I were one
Day after night after day
Where is the magic that we had begun?
Don't let it all slip away

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