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With a little bit of common sense
You can lose a lot of innocence, in this world
You can leave yourself behind
In the middle of coincidence
See the world in the present tense
Oh mother, your kids are so inclined
Sarah said it's sorta personal
I don't know it's kind of hard to tell, with this girl
She'll just take up all your time
Fading in and out of consciousness
With a fair degree of common sense, on your mind
Just watch it all unwind
The voices low
Slow down
Bounce around
Bounce around
The voices low
Slow down
Jesus Christ and motherfuck
The things I do to push my luck
I don't know, I don't even seem to mind
With a pouch of myrrh and frankincense
And a walk across the desert sands
You might find, your baby Frankenstein
The voices low
Slow down, slow down
Bounce around
Bounce around
The voices low, voices low
Slow down

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