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Behold the dreadful wailing of the sodomites who wallow in morbific blood issuing forth from the putrid bladder of Satan.

You’re guts will be spun on the loom of judgement, to drip like pus into the mouths of the unconverted

You will become like shit on the shoe of a Lucifer, the gristle in a pool of Demonic vomit. You will become the genital warts that adorn the arse of Hades. All this and more shall you become in the final days of Man

The Dragon and beast cast into hel, Death into the valley of Jehoshaphat

The earth will shake at the end of days, Men will flee into holes and caves

Al hail the swarm of shedim that commeth like flies from the bottomless pit. Hark the horns of Armageddon for they herald the messianic oracle of slaughter and wrath.

Apocalypse, An oracle of darkness, Apocalypse, Of brimstone and fire

Apocalypse, The whore of Babylon, Apocalypse, Demonic holocaust

Apocalypse, The shattered universe, Apocalypse, A fellowship of death

Apocalypse, The number of the beast, Apocalypse, The devouring locust

Apocalypse, A holy revelation, Apocalypse, The seventh seal of god

Apocalypse. Seducer of the earth

Apocalypse, A pale horse of death, Apocalypse , Satanic war machine

Apocalypse, The dragon of chaos, Apocalypse, The dead will be reborn

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