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Children of the Sunwheel Banner - lyrics


Under the sign of the sunwheel banner, We will raise the might of Thors hammer
Dripping with hatred from every pore, We are the masters of total war
Nordic heroes from a winders dawn, Speechless shapes all dressed in black
Shadow watchmen of the fatherland, Sadistic kings of a new Deutschland

Teutonic hell, holy books and broken gods,
Teutonic hell, we shoot the fuckers down
Teutonic hell, a human death machine
Teutonic hell, this is no fucking dream

Teutonic hell, With murmuring blood and spitting bile
Teutonic hell, in darkest menace we drown
Teutonic hell, Under welkin shade and murdering scowl
Teutonic hell, we shoot the fuckers down

Assassins of a new world order, The name of god seems pointless here
Under the sign of the sunwheel banner, Panzers attack from the halls of Valhalla
Sons of Odin, legions of death, Semite reapers, with Zyclon B

Teutonic hell, Blasphemers of every fragile faith
Teutonic hell, of every hue and race
Teutonic hell, Holy books and broken gods
Teutonic hell, all to vanish without a trace

A new world order shall be born, from the ashes of racial annihilation, of murder and starvation.
Or mass extermination, this is the final solution…

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