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We're gonna be the first two persons alive
to ever call this our home
(I see the clouds gather up
in random shapes I don't know)
We're gonna be the last ones standing
when everyone's departed and gone
(I watch the sun that slowly rises
when it's ready show)
We're gonna be the persons
in the world to climb this mountain alone
(I will be still, I will be quiet
and no word will be heard)
We're gonna be right up there
where their voices can't reach us no more
(And when it happens if it happens,
I will turn to the words and to the view)
I'll name this mountain after you
I will climb every mountain and I'll make them all shake
I will dive through the valleys and the bottomless lake
I'm gonna write in first person
though I'm not sure it really makes sense
I've seen myself disappearing for ages
by reversing the lens
We're gonna be the first
two persons alive to climb this mountain again
We're gonna stand real close
and when everything comes to an end
I'll name this mountain after you
(I'll figure out what it means
somewhere hidden between
all the lies we were told sometime ages ago
I'll figure out something new,
something else we can do
when it slides out of view)
(I'll figure out what it means
and I follow every first thought in my head
But is there someone else here messing our plans up,
blinding our view)

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