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Female Robbery - lyrics

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I think I found hell,
I think I found something,
I think I found something in my TV screen.
I think I found out, that I have nothing
That I have nothing in this place for me
I watched it all in my head,
Perfect sense,
They'll take me from my bed,
Leave everything that is worth a single cent
And just take me instead.
That TV show that I saw as I fell asleep,
Had me on both my knees,
Praying to whatever is in heaven,
Please send me a felon,
And don’t let the police know…
Don’t tell them anything,
Please. 2x
I think I can tell,
I think I can tell them,
Tell them they were made for me.
I’m thinking they’ll know,
Know it already,
I’m thinking they’ll know just about everything.
I bet they planned it all out,
Like the shows,
Went everywhere I go.
Walked in the store right behind me,
Stood in line right beside me
And followed me to my home.
I’m sure they figured it out,
Early on,
That I would never run,
That they could shoot but that’s no fun,
Cause then they’re killing their stolen son, oh
Don’t tell them anything,
Please. 2x
We’re gonna die, die, die…

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