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To those of you in which I choose,
To always be the closest to,
Something that you need to know,
Loving me is not a joke,
You can put it all on me,
You can laugh and you can bleed,
And I'll adopt it all because,
That's just what a buddy does,
I loved you from minute one,
The iced tea to my lemonade,
Never one to hit and run,
Soaking every minute made,
You can give me all your juice,
I can squeeze it out for you,
All I ask you in exchange,
Love me back through every phase,
If it ever comes off wrong,
Or leaves you with a bitter taste,
Just remember you're the tea
and I'm your sour lemonade, I'm your sour lemonade,
Tropical iced tea and hot pink lemonade.

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