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Death Rising from the Earth - lyrics

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What happened to me?
Now I live in a world
Full of despair and pain
Hard to breathe
Nothing will ever change
In the darkness I dwell
Constantly watching us someone’s staring eyes
Scanning and tracking every moment of our life
We are being enslaved. It’s time to realize
That this world is slowly dying
You’ve got bad cards
You’ve sacrificed yourself
Not realizing where it leads
This is not fair
But it has to be this way
You had to get through it
Dumbness and despair
Loneliness and hating
Desertion, isolation,
Suffer, gloom, abomination
And constant pain
So cruel and undeserved
You’ve lost your way
In this dying world
I saw death rising from the earth
Boundless blue field
I saw death rising from the earth
Deadly harvest is real
Someday you’ll see
The way you saw before
Some spark will light once more
It will reveal
Itself to you
And guide you

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