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Did you ever wonder what happened
To all the money that you went through?
Have you ever wondered what happened
When she left you all alone on the phone in your bedroom crying?
Ever written cheesy poetry,
Bought teddy bears or jewelry,
Said things you saw on
Days Of Our Lives,
Knowin' full and well that they were just lies... (But now I realize)
I'm so happy without you,
I'm so happy without you,
All my friends are happy too,
Knowing that I'm happy without you
Did you ever not wanted to talk,
Discuss your feelings or what you thought?
Just go out and drink with the guys,
And not have to come home to those evil eyes.
Have you ever wanted to be alone
And get a good night's sleep when you come home?
When she calls you have to pretend that
You're not laughing when you hear her crying... (And now I realize)

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