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I’m a juggalo
By: The Ridas of the Southeast

I’m a juggalo [4x]

[Midnite Angel] [chorus]
I was never mainstream and never will be
I carry the hatchet in my chest
I get off when I piss mainstream off
I’m not like mainstream who
See their enemy and run like hoes
Juggalos always stand their ground
We rip out our enemies hearts
And blend them with their balls
Like a strawberry milkshake
Then give it back to them because
We’re psychopathic and that the way to go

Psychopathic way I am a killer
I’m not talking about thriller
I’m talking about insane minds
But when the time of war comes
I get Twiztid in the head
I should have stayed dead
But Allah said hell no and
The wraith said you need to live
Like Tookie Williams on trail
Psyho mind but the brain is dead


This is your boy Ghost getting on this shit
Once again fuck mainstream
When I die everyone that I’ve fucked with
Will remember me for being real
Not fake like you mainstream bitches
I do my shit on the d-l unlike you that’s why
I haven’t been to jail or anything
I’ve done everything I sold weed
Stole a car but I have never got in trouble for it
Because no one else knows other than a few
People that I know won’t run their mouth
Get your shit right then come fuck with ya boy ghost
I’m out

Juggalo family [6x]

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