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Condemnation - lyrics

The skies are bleeding,
The heavens severed,
An open wound within the earth.
All hell has broken loose,
The purge almost complete,
Our cities reduced to ashes.
Hear the pleas of your people,
(They cry for war).
Fear not the wrath of the righteous,
(And their empty words).
Find solitude in darkness,
(The light will burn you).
Accept our condemnation,
(Their God won’t save you).
Come forth, perdition’s slave,
Apocalyptic messenger,
The herald, proclaims the end of days.
Behold! Judas!
Stand before me.
Let your atrocities be seen and tried before the laws of man.
Bear witness onto the final eclipse,
The earth is driven into darkness.
The sheep will follow the wolf,
Into the slaughter yard.
He promised sanctuary,
Then killed them all.
I place no faith in heaven,
(All prayers go unanswered).
I find no hope in hell,
(Our damnation is here).
You have lead us to our end,
(With your empty words).
Your imitation of salvation will destroy us all.

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