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Live Fast, Die Young - lyrics

Boy with no name, he was only eighteen.
Never laughed too much.
Hated the monarchy.
Yes, he hated the queen.
Real antisocial and he acted real mean.
Was he in a dream?
Dowsing her lights was in his dreams
Rumpa, rumpa, rumpa, hey hey
Rumpa, rumpa!
Rumpa, rumpa, rumpa, hey hey
Rumpa, rumpa!
So full of hate and full of fury,
To tell you a story.
You could say he was a one man jury.
Catalog of anger posted through your door.
Your door, your door, your door!
A chance would come to even the score.
Stole a gun and he stole a car.
Oh boy, oh boy.
With a pretty doll he would go far.
Down to London where the bright lights are.
Lights are, lights are, lights are!
And I say the mission his decision.
He took out the gun on that fateful day.
The winds blew cold. The sky turned grey.
He pointed the gun and then he pulled the trigger.
The message that he would now deliver.

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