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Summer of 81 - lyrics

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There's blood on the street
and the smell is so sweet
cos another blue bastard has gone down
see the boots swarming round his head
they're gonna see him dead
Nightstick in hand
he tried to rule this land
but that's no way to make the country great
it takes more, more than force
you've got to give it a voice
so it's a goodbye to one more fascist clown
we've got a riot, you can't keep us quiet
we've got a riot, we've got a riot
this is our answer to your law
don't shed no tears for him
his life was lived in sin
no one has the right to order you
don't be told what life is about
brixton- riot, riot
toxteth- riot, riot
bristol- riot, riot
moss side- riot, riot
england- riot, riot
england- riot, riot, riot, riot, riot, riot, riot,...

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