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Juggernaut - lyrics


As this rotting carcass
tears from this wretched tomb..
All shall suffer
This is war

this cosmogony
this conscience act of destruction

I am arisen
my form is restored
a seed today
a dead world tomorrow
and I'll tear you from your fucking throne

For I am a warrior
But I am a creator
and I bear forth gifts
of chaos and suffering

I am the end of life

From the depths I've emerged
as the enforcer, restorer, deceiver
I will grind down your souls in my blighted hands

I am chaos
I am juggernaut
I am destroyer of worlds

I shall ascend from these hell fires
I will rise as the god i was meant to be

I am demon
I am victorious

My prophecy is written in the stars of heaven

This is war
and I can't wait to get my hands on you..
you fucking bastards!

Go fuck yourself

Undead, O once again
I am chaos
This is end

This is cancer
This is vengeance

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