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This is the story
of one man's attempt
at uncovering..
the truth of the divive

What I found was lies and

My story begins like any typical man's
I was in love
and destined for bliss..

But like all things that are destined,
it fell apart.
She took her life,
she broke my heart.

But by the grace of God,
I will have her back.
His loving grace,
his guiding hand,
will free her from this fucking hell.

I pledge I will recover her
by any means..
I found an ancient tomb
Of hidden lore and..
necromantic rights

This ritual is beyond morality
This is more than I can stand
But i have holy permission
I can not fail..

I can not wait for divine blasphemy
One man's soul for the woman I love

I shall destroy and sever this soul in his presence
What great evil has God wroth?

He is chosen
This is the fateful time
for the sacrifice of this man
his soul for hers [2x]

Carving apart his insides
and scattering the organs to the laws decreed

I turned to the sky for my question awnsered
and nothing more
No God No Justice

Where the fuck are you now?

No God
No Peace for mankind
No God (Nothing)
No Hope for mankind

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