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I've Got Leeches - lyrics


I am a crab from the sea of black
And you’re the barnacle on my back
Yeah you’re the tooth that I can’t extract

I am the crow from the building juts
And you’re the tinfoil in my guts
Yeah no one struts like a blackbird struts

I’ve got leeches under my clothes
And I can’t reach them
I’ve got leeches under my clothes
Nobody can see them
I’ve got leeches under my clothes
And ooh, they’re achin’
As they suck the blood from our conversation

I used to go to school on Saturdays
The ladies told us God was in everything
But one of those ladies had to wear a wig
And then one day she was gone, and she didn’t come back

Bottle depot man with thalidomide hands
Tells me that I’m looking like a right gentleman
He walked like a ghost in the halls up and down
In the hospital where they wear their paper gowns

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