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Pyramid Scheme - lyrics


Take a vow
Take a vow of jealousy
Falling strangers call your name but
Take a vow

It never was you
The one to come through
You keep me subdued with painted tongues
And I get darker as you get lighter
And I get smarter as you get dumb

I don’t mean to disappoint you
But I won’t be your little guy
Cause you know I’m gonna fight
Through the sunshine and through the night
I’m coming!

Fee-fi, fee-fi-fo-fum
I smell the blood of a Caucasian
Be we alive or be we dead
He’ll grind our bones to make his bread
One day I saw one while climbing a tree
He said, “I’m gonna let you in on my pyramid scheme”
I said “thank you for the offer, but it’s not for me, see
I’d rather be a man in the skin of a beast
Than be a beast in the skin of a man"
And then he knocked me out

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