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I drive all alone at night
I drive all alone
Don’t know what I’m heading for
I follow the road blind
Until the road is done out
Nights in my veins its calling me
Racing along these arteries
And love, is just a myth
To herd us over the cliff
I follow the road at night
Just hoping to find
Which puzzle piece fell out of me
I love who you are
And I open the door and climb in
Hold me real close
And do it again
Ache for the touch of my dead end friends
And ohh I gotta know
Is it there at the end of the road
I can tell by that look in your eye
We’re the same
My dead end friends and I
We drive all alone at night
Never ending begin
Sweet is the curse just outta reach
Awakens a deadened part of me
And oh am I wandering
Just me and my dead end friends again
Dead end friends (x3)

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Them Crooked Vultures