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Currency in a Bankrupt World - lyrics

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She's alright, she lies and tells herself
Through every artificial smile
Since he walked, and left her with their unborn child
Stop the world
Life's a ripoff and she's more than paid the price
Looks around at what‘s leit of her burning paradise
A lie
Judging eyes. another thousand taces
As her mind screams, "Please don't go”
Everyone just seems content to watch the show
But don't you know...
When hope is gone
Looking for a reason just to carry on
To lay that burden down you‘ve carried way too long and
Holding on
When the dream‘s foreclosed and life is overdrawn
There's a currency left in this bankrupt world after all
Take a bow
He says "I've blown it all
And burned my whole world to the ground
Checking out
'Cause no one will miss me now"
Lost it all
Thinks he defaulted on this life
Beyond the pale
Sixteen pennies short of his coffin's final nail
But it's not for sale...
When hope is gone...
0n the darkest day. they all went away
One by one, they turned and walked the other way...
In despair and desperation
She calls upon a long-forgotten Friend
Always there, closer than a brother 'til the end
When hope is gone...

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