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The Wonder of It All - lyrics

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Paradoxes of all time, limitations of the mind
Darkly looking through a mirror, parallel distorted lines
All our knowledge and our plans, every circumstance of man
All the wisdom that we’ve gathered never reaches the divine
(Wake the wonder of it all)
Hear the fool's soliloquy: cannot grasp, it cannot be
Life unfiltered and unfocused, in a broken sanctuary
So we seek through every flaw, and we contemplate in awe
Ever trusting through the madness that one day we all shall see
Some may rise, some may fall, wake the wonder of it all
Raising seasons and kings, hidden deep and secret things
Giving to receive, you'll be exalted through humility
True freedom found through slavery
Behold: what a mystery!
Last shall be the first, a living water for eternal thirst
Two natures and a virgin birth, all woven in this story's tapestry
Die to live and live to die, you lose it all to save your life
Become a fool to be as wise, and see when you close your eyes
Saints shall serve to lead
And you‘ll be strong when you are weakest
Finding joy through trials and grief
It all shall be told upon the other side
Some may rise, some may fall
Wake the wonder of it all
Raising seasons and kings, hidden deep and secret things
All shall bow at Your throne, tor Your ways are not our own
That You would hear my call, in Your holiness
This is the wonder of it all
Three in One and one in Three, My burden's light and yoke is easy
Grace sufficient for you to glory in infirmity
All of God and all or man incarnate, soul's redemption plan
The Lamb's blaod spilled by human hands shall clean
And wash the stain away
Some may rise...

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