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Sigurðr Sigmundarson - lyrics

Regin’s foster son
Master of the runes
Speaker of many tongues;
Sigurd Sigmundarson
In dire need of a horse
He headed for the woods
Where a long-bearded man
Spoke the wisest words
“Þessi hestur er kominn frá Sleipni
og skal hann vandlega upp fæða
því að hann verður hverjum hesti betri.“
“So Sigurd called the horse Grani,
the best of all the horses in the world;
nor was the man he met
other than Odin himself.”
Now the mythic horse was his
Descendant of Odin’s steed
Young of years, great of growth
No man had ever crossed his back
The valiant Sigurd travelled
To the hall of Regin
It is there that he learned
Of what lurked at Gnita-heath

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