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Tuisto - lyrics

Born from the earth, early in time
Father of Mannu ; first of our kind
Tuisto …
Reaching back to the dawn of time
Your essence lies dormant in our blood
Tuisto …
“In this age of darkness
We reach for the power within
Oh, great father of all
Our connection to the soul
Immortalised in our being
Passed on through bonds of blood
Sons of Ingvæ
Irmin and Istvæ”
Along the borders of the North Sea shores
To the highest peaks of the north
Tuisto …
From the darkened woods in the south
To the Anglo-Saxon islands
Tuisto …
Thousands of years have gone by
The memory faded, but was not erased
Tuisto …
Engraved in northern slopes
Embedded in our very being
Tuisto …

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