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Desire, we conquer
You liar, messiah
Resistance will refer the lies you have bled
And this planet will cease to exist
Even God will lacerate his wrist

And we live in a time full of lies
And of crime, we are forced to agree
Liberate for a fee, organized, authorized,
They will preach their creed
And when the priest starts speaking, it's like 1-2-3
they 'believe', open your eyes, it's all a game
Deceiving us all, but it's all in the name
A fairy tale wih suitably became
A reason to preach about 'his' rise to fame

Desire, we conquer...

And to them it is fine
It's a sign and divine
It is corporate and clean
Never question routine
Judge the ones that defy
Stronger and don't rely
And when false sense of hope becomes
Just one lie, we will try
And never reply to a faith that is dead
We'll bury the words you've tried drill in our heads
So keep your church, remember what we said
Forever revolt until the streets run red

Desire,we conquer...

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