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I / can hear them / Coming through my walls
To claim my name and reverse my soul
But I’ve turned / Into the Black light
To take back everything they stole from me…
Black blood upon the altar.
Black blood of the sweetest fruit.
My Black blood pouring forth.
In Black blood / I’ll curse Your name
Into the shadows
Into the mist
When I am lost -
Is when I’m found.
I / can hear Him / Bursting through my heart
To set me free / To release my soul
Oh I’ve turned / Into the mist
I’ll take back all things They stole form me
I am God
I am New’
Rest assure; I’m coming through,
Coming clean in your fire….
Show me your Secret / Lies into gold
I am God
I am new’
(my) Lies into gold
We are hell
We are death
(right Here)

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I, Gvilt Bearer