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do you feel that your life is in a rut
that the modern world is all too much
do you want to remove the pain
do you want to begin again
and if you need it we can re-arrange your life
take away the misery the trouble and the strife
coming from the darkness he is standing at the door
we can feed your inner needs get you back to where you are
he is i am we are, too late you've come this far
he is i am we be, give us your individuality
and if you need it we will cultivate your mind
saturate your character with doctrines so divine
a generous contribution will secure your earthly bed
grow with us in commune you'll have nothing in your head
he is i am we are, too late you've come this far
he is i am we be, you've lost your individuality
don't want to, i can't feel you
just leave me be, don't need you
and i wandered far away couldn't hear their thoughts no more
i was swept on a tidal wave and was cast to a distant shore
it was the desert of my own desires i was burnt in the searing heat
my hedonism stoking up the fires of my own spiritual defeat
and if you look in the mirror boy don't be ashamed of what you see
i went looking for him all alone but all i found was a piece of me

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