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Broken - lyrics


Now I feel like I could cry
You're right there with someone else before my eyes
And though it hurts to see you smile
I could put on a brave face
I could run and hide
But I think I'll let you know what's on my mind

'Cause I'd have died for you
Gladly lied for you
My heart was wide open
Such a trusting fool
I believed in you
Are you feeling my pain
Now I'm broken again

I couldn't see, I couldn't tell
'Cause you were hiding it much too well
Maybe I knew that you were lying
But I wanted you so badly I denied it
And now I need to know why you left me like you did

I gave it all to you
I saw my future too
Now I'm standing here wondering
Could be you never meant a single word you said
Do you feel any shame
Now I'm broken again

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