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In my darkest hour I've never been
To places that today I know I've seen
And although it doesn't mean much to you
I wish you could go there too
So you could know the emptiness I feel
You're the reason why my world caved in
Just when I was breathing once again
When you feel you've found the real thing
To invest emotions in
It's hard as hell to find out you were wrong
How long will this misery carry on?
My broken heart lies shattered on the floor
Can't you see you'd have been so right for me?
If I hadn't been so quick to let it show
I guess I'll never know
It's funny just how vulnerable you get
I should've seen it coming I admit
So I'll be a slave to my regret
And if I ever get over it
I won't let myself be taken in again
So sad, I've given it all I have
But I can't make you love me, that's a fact
I understand, I wish I'd never shown my hand
But the past is done and I can't change it so
What Might have been, I guess I'll never know
I guess I'll never know

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